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While it’s fresh in my head…

September 28, 2013

At the moment I’m probably the most depressed man in the world. We (“we” being Neath rugby) have just come off the back of our third league defeat out of three games so far this season. All at home, two of which being games our opposition had no right in winning.

As any rugby fan in Wales will probably be aware, Neath have always been a top flight team. The Gnoll was once a fortress and opposition teams would arrive with the knowledge that they had no right to be successful. In the past 3 years since I have been a player at the club, we have registered wins over London Welsh, Ulster, and Bristol, along with many other hard fought wins throughout the domestic competitions. As of today, we are currently bottom of the Principality Premiership with a tough few weeks ahead with Cardiff and Llandovery around the corner…

I’m lost for words. At the moment I like to think I’m a senior figure in the squad and I can’t put my finger on the details that are seeing us fall short. What I do know: in years gone by Neath were unbeatable. We could play poorly and still have the ability and the experience within the squad to do what was necessary to get the win. Players like Gravs, Euros, Macca and many more. As much as it pains me to say it, we are struggling to fill their void with players of a similar calibre. Not so much in physical attributes, but in tactical nouse, in their approach to the game, their desire to be successful was an inspiration and at times they carried the weight of the team on their shoulders.

Times are tough at the moment. Neath RFC is going through a transformation and as is the case with any shake up, the dust needs to settle before you can see the results. One thing I ask of any Neath supporter reading this is that you stick by us. Relegation is the elephant in the room but it’s not one we are concerned about. We trust our policies. Our game needs to become rounded and at the moment we are just sanding off the edges. We have the players, the edge will return and with that first win will come a new found vigour, and with that will come that attitude that we can become unbeatable. I know that. Nobody wants it to work more than I do and I’ll fight until the very end to make that happen. I just need you all to trust me.


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  1. Reblogged this on Neath Rugby Supporters Club and commented:
    Another disappointing defeat to Bedwas on Saturday. That’s 3 league defeats from 3 home games now and it’s vital we get our first win soon.

    Plenty has been, and will be said by fans but it’s probably worth reading the thoughts of Dai Langdon who posted to his blog after the game on Saturday. A very honest appraisal of where we are and it shows that Dai and the players can not be faulted for their passion or desire to see Neath winning again.

  2. Fine words, Dai, I’m sure everyone is frustrated with the way things are going at the moment, and understandably so.
    I can’t comment on Saturday’s contest as I was unable to attend, but the other two league games were undoubtedly well within our grasp, the margins between defeat and victory so tantalisingly small.
    As you rightly say, it’s difficult to put your finger on any one thing, but it’s obvious to all watching that we’ve come a long way in a very short time, it would have been unrealistic for such a young squad to turn into world beaters overnight, the tactical nous you talk about will come with experience, as will the success our proud club so badly craves.
    It has been an intriguing start to the season, the signs, despite the results, are good.
    Keep the faith, stay strong, and everything will be fine.

  3. Daf permalink

    Very good piece Dai. What have the rest of the squad made of it (if they’ve seen it yet)?

    BTW, to avoid confusion, we’ll back you all the way and know that the results will start to come.

    C’mon the Blacks!

  4. Len permalink

    Very honest appraisal Dai and well written. As i’ve said before, a true Neath supporter will stick with you through thick and thin, win or lose. Chin up, with the squad that we have got a win is only a game away.

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